Dilly Beans

One of my favorite ways to preserve an abundance of green and/or yellow beans:

Wash and boil in water 6 pint jars (do a few extra in case they’re needed) with their lids to sterilize. Empty water out and set aside.

I save empty jars (from jam, pickles, peanut butter, etc) and reuse them. Sometimes the tops can be reused too if they aren’t damaged and have a rubber seal inside. If not you can buy the Ball brand canning jar tops at the store that fit pint jars with standard size openings.

Add to each jar:
1 clove of garlic
1/8 tsp pepper
1 TBSP dill weed or 3-4 sprigs of fresh dill
½ tsp whole mustard seed

Wash, drain and trim ends off 2 lbs. fresh green beans; leaving beans whole. Lay the jars on their sides and pack the beans upright and tightly, into them.

Then heat to boiling:
2½ c. water
2½ c. white vinegar
2-3 tbsp. salt
1- 2 tsp of sugar (I use a Truvia packet)

Pour this hot liquid into each jar leaving ¼ inch of space at the top. Place lids on tightly and put jars in a large and deep pot of hot water. Make sure the water covers the tops. Bring water to boil and process 10-15 minutes. Remove the pot from heat. When cool enough remove jars and let stand on a towel to cool completely.

When the jars are totally cool check the lids for a tight seal by pressing on their centers. If there is no movement when pressing they are sealed. Sometimes you will hear the lids pop when cooling. That’s a good sound and means the lid just sealed. If you have a jar that doesn’t seal it will need to be kept in the fridge and eaten sooner, otherwise store beans in a cool place away from direct heat.

They taste better when they’ve sat a few weeks and had time to absorb all the flavors. YUM!