Precious Moments

Even though I’ve never been one to attach to stuff or a collector of knick knack-y things, I’ve loved my friend’s Precious Moments nativity set since we first met in 1985. During the years Pat & Earl spent Christmas in Florida with us, she would pack it up and bring it along when they traveled. Not sure exactly what captivates me about it – it’s just cute – precious – as the name appropriately states. It also reminds me of her and the countless ‘precious moments we’ve had together through the years.

After thirty Christmases with her precious nativity, my awesome friend decided to mail it to me this year. I was so surprised when I opened that box! When I called to thank her and ask why she gave it up, she told me that she has enjoyed it for many years and it would bring her more joy to know that I will now. That’s a great friend! Hope you have a few like that!

As I decorated our tree, I was inspired then, to put aside David’s favorite ornaments and give them to him and Clara; the Nutcracker soldier he loved as a boy, my Grandmother’s antique glass bell, Noel, a red bulb with a happy face, I painted for him when he was little to go with a story book by the same name that we read every Christmas, and several others. Time to pass on the memories to another generation. Someday David will tell the stories of those ornaments to their children as they decorate the tree.

It’s not about the stuff, it’s about the people the people in your life who enrich it, add to it, bless it and make it worth putting up with the hard parts. I’m so grateful this holiday season for all the wonderful people God has sent my way and given me the privilege to love. Most of you know who you are :). 

As we start another year, I just want to express thanks to all of you for blessing my journey through the years. Looking forward to making many more precious moments with you in the days ahead.

God’s abundant joy and blessings be yours and Happy New Year!!

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