A Jesus loving

Overtime mom

Pastor’s wife




That’s Me!

My lifMe 10-2014 copye is anything but ordinary. Some even call it special.

My husband Mike and I have two adult sons.

David, the youngest, is married to his college sweetheart and off doing his own thing in another state.

Our oldest son, Jonathan, was born with developmental delays and still lives at home with us.

By necessity my days mostly center around his supervision and care.

He keeps me on my toes and on my knees in prayer.

Sometimes life takes us places we never thought we’d go, but as we adjust, there are lessons and blessings to be found in special places.

This special spot in cyberspace is about my journey and the adventures, discoveries and thoughts I collect along the way.

Thanks for joining me. I pray something here encourages you!

I’d be happy to know if it does. Just leave a comment and I will reply.