On My Way

Going To Special From Here

I was traveling on life’s highway
In the fast lane in high gear
Searching to find a purpose
When a detour appeared
‘Going To Special From Here’

I had no choice but take it
Was the only way to go
An unplanned place on my journey
I didn’t want it to be so
But I’m going to Special from here

This back road takes much longer
Such an unfamiliar path
Twists and turns to challenge
Quaint stops along the way
Now I’m going to Special from here

The view is much more scenic
Often takes my breath away
Amazing grace rides with me
No return to the fast lane
‘Cause I’m going to Special from here

People tell you that you’re special
When you travel in this place
I don’t really feel it
I’m just walking through by faith
For I’m going to Special from here

I’m really nothing special
Except in God’s great plan
He wants to make me so
He takes me by the hand
And we’re going to Special from here.